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Therapeutic Writing

Writing a new chapter

Therapeutic Writing brings together the deeply reflective and integrative aspects of creative writing, with the use of the 'transformative metaphors' that offer a soulful approach to psychological therapy. 


I offer Therapeutic Writing face-to-face, via social media, or a combination of both. I also offer a 10 stage therapeutic writing path which takes from the latest theory, and which I have developed form many years of being a psychological therapist who, personally, has found therapeutic writing to be the path which has, not only, had a profoundly positive impact on my own life, but also speeded and deepened the journeys my clients have made – It is truly wonderful seeing people find meaning and agency, and a new sense of direction.

I’m not saying therapeutic writing will solve all your problems, but it will certainly wake you up to endless possibilities. And I would feel deeply privileged to travel along with you as we find your way together. 

I also offer a ten stage path which has been influenced by my nearly 20 years of therapeutic practice, decades of meditational experience, and a deep comittment to dialogue with you in the way I support you: sessions/modules include: Finding Voice. Deepening Life. Living Joyfully. Creating a space vast enough to process past trauma, building character. writing the truth of one's life, and how to protect one's hard freedoms.

Access to Therapeutic Writing

Therapeutic Writing sessions are available as according to what is best for you:

• One to one sessions at one of my North East therapy rooms £50 per session

• 50 minute Skype £50 per session

• 50 minute telephone £50 per session

10 stage path, delivered by 10 emails and 3 telephone/Skype sessions £250

• Or by a series of emails and/or phone support tailored to suit you £POA

Payment for sessions can be paid for session by session or in blocks of 10 sessions and must be paid for in advance. Payments can be made through PayPal and BACs.

Contact me to arrange therapeutic writing sessions



• 10 stage path £250

• Bespoke courses for groups £POA

• Bespoke courses for individuals £POA

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