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Looking around and seeing the anger I see fear and hurt. And never wishing to reduce the complexity of the causes of fear and hurt; be they political, social, economic, historical, the explosion of social media use and the way it organises the way we live, think, and feel, as a therapist I need to take all these causes into consideration. Often, people come to me with deep parts of themselves feeling silenced Or never given a chance to speak, to been seen, and it's not too dramatic to say they have never been fully birthed. – Therapy needs to be sensitive to the full range of factors that result in distress, in human suffering, helping the person fully claim their lives, and by this helping them to become the agents of their own lives. To thrive, rather than merely to be acted upon. It may seem like an outrageous statement but Joy is your birthright...but the price is courage which, as Aristotle said, is the primary virtue as by it all other virtues are possible.


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